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Director’s Message

Dear aspirants,
In the current scenario, practical education is a must to survive. Apart from the degree that we earn through our hard work, we have to practical & creative knowledge to be successful in our respective careers. Lack of practical knowledge can be a major reason for not being able to get a job in our field of interest. As computer education plays a vital role in the day to day life, not being computer savvy can hamper your growth in your career. We aim to impart practical computer education for all generations. Primarily targeted to rising our rural youth. Our job-oriented course based on practical & skilled knowledge makes you highly ambitious, competent and self-dependent. We look forward to joining hands with you and make a bright future for all the generations & achieve success.

Once again, I welcome you to HM COMPUTER & TECHNICAL CENTRE with the hope that your learning will be meaningful and rewarding in this organization.

With best regards,
Md. Habibar Rahaman